Welcome to Claremont Polymer Shapes

Conveyor If you need a part in most types of plastic for your machine we can help!

We can either locate a standard machinery part from one of the producers we represent, or manufacture it to your specifications.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in materials will be invaluable to you when you need a part for a new application or help with a solution to an existing problem. Or, we can supply you with materials for your own machine shop.

Clamp We can supply rare metals for your exacting requirements and offer an extensive selection of plastics to satisfy a wide range of applications. The metals are available in plates, rods and tubes in numerous sizes and grades. Part DrawingThe plastics are available in sheets, rods, and tubes in numerous sizes and colours.

We can supply anything from one custom-machined part to a truckload of materials. We offer extensive product knowledge, reliability, flexibility, and friendly service along with a vast array of products.

Contact us with your next requirement, you will not be disappointed!