Custom Machining

Can't find the plastic part you need?
Are parts no longer being made for your legacy machinery?
Is a part in your machine no longer up to the task?

We can help! We can custom make your part for you!

We know the qualities and characteristics of a vast selection of polymer materials from which we can create your parts. We can machine parts to exacting specifications. We can make one part, dozens, or even thousands of parts to satisfy your needs.

Are your production lines stopped for need of a part? Need that part yesterday? Rush jobs are "business as usual" at Claremont Polymer Shapes. We can create that part for you faster than anyone else! Of course we charge extra for rush jobs, but if you are loosing money for every hour your lines are down, we can provide a very cost effective solution for your business.

Claremont Polymer Shapes can keep your lines running!