Claremont Polymer Shapes - Plastic and metal parts manufacturer, Ontario, Canada.Claremont Polymer Shapes - Plastic and metal parts manufacturer, Ontario, Canada.
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In this section you will find a wealth of information that will be invaluable for designing your next project! At Claremont Polymer Shapes, we are authorized stocking distributors for a number of firms manufacturing parts to make life easier for machinery builders.
They are:
  • NoluR Plastics, Valu GuideR, MarbettR and System PlastR lines of Conveyor Components, which include: guide rails; brackets; support heads; two and three arm support bases; combiner blades; mounted bearings; gravity and driven plastic rollers; aluminum chain tracks and guides; and UHMW Polyethylene, MD Nylon & TeflonR wear profiles.

  • An integral part of our business for the past 10 years has been exclusive distribution of the Conveyor Parts Supply line of Conveyor Accessories. Their line includes: articulating machinery feet and threaded tube ends for square tube; single and double guide rail clamps, guide rail splice sleeves and adjusting, cross & swivel rods for conveyor guide rails - all manufactured from stainless steel; custom guide rail profiles; extruded aluminum conveyor side frame; chain tracks and guides for standard single and multi-strand roller chains, table top and knuckle-style chains, radius-type modular plastic belting - in both straight and curved/corner sections; and a wide range of conveyor rollers-primarily with a PVC shell-but also with aluminum or stainless steel shells; featuring non-ferrous, low friction end bearings; and for use as incline gravity driven, horizontal idle style, sprocket or round cord driven, or low back pressure driven style.

  • The SpiratexR Company has a line of Wear Profiles in natural-white, lubricated Nolu-SR and black Anti-Static UHMW Polyethylene.

  • The ElesaR lines of machinery components, which include: handwheels, knobs, latches, ratchet handles, pull handles, crank handles - in both plastic and all-metal versions; gravity and digital position indicators; and hydraulic system accessories.