We are pleased to be able to offer the S&W line of levelers, featuring solid metal base parts in articulating, tapped or one-piece threaded stem versions; supplied in yellow zinc dichromate plated steel or stainless steel. These levelers support higher loads than the glass-filled nylon base styles that Claremont Polymer Shapes manufactures. As well, they are suitable for temperatures over the maximum of 260°F that our heat stabilized nylon bases will handle. Additionally, S&W levelers can be supplied with an anti-skid elastomer pad. For tight spaces, S&W produces the metal levelers with a low profile base in both clear zinc plated low carbon steel and stainless steel. As well, the low profile style is available with both a light or heavy-duty vibration pad to compliment the anti-vibration leveling mounts and the heavy industrial mounts.

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