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Click here for the HabaLINKR website.

Claremont Polymer Shapes is thrilled to announce that we have been asked by HabasitR Canada to handle their HabasitLINKR line of Modular Plastic Conveyor Belting and HabaCHAINR line of plastic Table Top, Knuckle and Multi-Flex Conveyor Chains.

HabasitR engineers have done a great job of designing a far superior Modular Belt. The HabasitLINKR hinges and connecting rods are much heavier than those of foreign competitors, resulting in a product with reduced wear in these areas. This feature also results in fewer fatigue failures and allows for higher belt pull. These improvements mean longer belt life in your applications.


HabasitLINKR sprockets also represent a design improvement over what has become commonplace in the market. The "open window" configuration is easy to clean, while the double-row tooth arrangement optimizes engagement of the sprocket, causing less stress on the belt. This tooth layout also allows for use in bi-directional drive systems.

HabasitR offers designers, engineers and other interested parties their Link-SeleCalcR program for belt calculation and evaluation. If you wish to be registered and receive the program by e-mail, you can either phone us directly or complete our Info Request page and request the program there.

HabasitR has patented the concept of using an oval hole for retaining the connecting rods. Coupled with another of their design features, tapered hinges, HabasitLINKR Belts offer far greater cleanability. Add to that the patented ModulCLEANR device, and HabasitR offers the ultimate in belt sanitation capabilities!

Click here to see a video of ModulCLEANR in action.

HabaCHAINR is fully compatible with industry standards, allowing for problem-free retrofits. Table Top Chain is available in Straight Running and Side-Flexing versions, in both Slat-Top and Low Back Pressure styles. Of particular note is the C7100-series of Multi-Flex Chain, which is a direct replacement for applications using modular aluminum systems. This specialty chain is highly flexible and capable of making tight-radius turns in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Think "HabasitR" when looking for the low cost alternative.

The engineering team has also incorporated many patented features within the HabaCHAINR line. One such advancement is their Split Sprockets and Idlers, which feature an interchangeable keyed or un-keyed split core. This combination design of split parts provides for easy replacement of worn Sprockets and Idlers, with the interchangeable split core concept dramatically reducing the amount of maintenance inventory kept on-hand.

Click here for the HabaCHAINR website.