U.S. MILITARY MIL-T-81914/5 and /6
   ASTM D3159 TYPE I


As another of the melt processible FLUOROPOLYMERS, E-TFE can be extruded and injection moulded. The chemical structure is closely related to that of PTFE and hence properties, particularly chemical and electrical, are similar to those of PTFE. Its resistance to continuous exposure in hot air is the lowest of the popular FLUOROPOLYMERS, which precede this section, but the level is still quite good when compared with all other POLYMERS. E-TFE has a very good combination of strength and toughness combined with good abrasion resistance. E-TFE shows slight signs of attack by strong oxidizing acids and strong bases at or near boiling point and is completely solvent resistant. UV has no effect on E-TFE. Very good electrical properties over a broad range of conditions of temperature and environment, like PTFE, characterize E-TFE. Typical uses are those in higher service conditions requiring good strength and/or chemical resistance and/or good electrical insulation properties combined with high wear resistance. E-TFE is one of the few FLUOROPOLYMERS that can be reinforced, not merely filled, with glass fiber. Since E-TFE will actually bond to the fibers, strength, stiffness, creep resistance, heat distortion resistance and dimensional stability are all greatly enhanced. Electrical and chemical properties show little loss due to the reinforcement.

  ASTM test Extruded Rod, Sheet and Tube 25% Glass Filled
SPECIFIC GRAVITY   D792 1.70 1.86
TENSILE STRENGTH psi D638 6500 12000
TENSILE MODULUS 105 psi D638 1.2 12.0
ELONGATION % D638 200 8
FLEXURAL STRENGTH psi D790 4800 17000
FLEXURAL MODULUS 105 psi D790 2.0 9.5
COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH 10% psi D695 7100 10000
COMPRESSIVE MODULUS 105 psi D695 1.95 9.20
HARDNESS rockwell R D785 R50 R74
IMPACT STRENGTH (1/2" x 1/2") ft-lb/inch of notch D256 No Break 9
THERMAL EXPANSION 10-5/°F D696 5.0 1.7
HEAT RESISTANCE {continuous in air) °F   302 392
@ 264 psi °F   165 410
@ 66 psi °F   220 510
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH v/mil D149 400 410
DIELECTRIC CONSTANT   D150 2.6 3.0 to 3.4
DISSIPATION FACTOR 10-3 D150 0.8 to 10 2.0 to 12
WATER ABSORPTION 24hrs % D570 0.029 0.022
FLAMMABILITY in/min D635 0.3 <0.1

Values shown in the above table are averages and there will be variances from lot to lot. After selecting a material based upon these values, you must conduct tests specific to your application to be assured the material suits your needs.

You may find it necessary to produce prototype parts from E-TFE or one of the other melt processible FLUOROPOLYMERS before committing your self to expensive injection moulding tooling. Claremont Polymer Shapes, through its network of quality suppliers, can provide smaller blocks or billets for such purposes. Often prototype materials can be provided from the mill's inventory within a couple of weeks; or, sometimes, less. Call us for more details.